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In an increasingly competitive market, Telenor Norway wanted to accelerate the reduction of baseline costs and increase product profitability. To achieve this, the company decided to create a new organizational network expansion and supporting IT systems.

Telenor Norway needed to design an automated business process that could support all types of infrastructure networks (IP, mobile, fixed and cable TV). Also, this process had to incorporate integrated support for the civil engineering partners, whose work is essential in building a telecommunications network.


The Spider solution

The Spider solution reused a system by Cybercom called FLOW, which had been developed previously. Its framework incorporated both workflow and integration capabilities. The workflow platform ensured a close relationship between the designed processes and the implemented process. Consequently, business specialists could participate in the process design. One of the main features of the solution was to ensure that these specialists worked according to a predefined and effective process, instead of repeatedly ‘reinventing the wheel’. Cybercom was Telenor Norway's partner all the way from the analysis to the maintenance and production phases.


Telenor Norway was able to simultaneously increase order handling capacity by 400%, and reduce staff by 30%.

Of course, there are many ways to quantify the benefits of a workflow solution – both hard metrics and softer ones, which relate to the users’ perception of a more stimulating and productive environment.

This much is for certain: the Spider solution has lowered operational costs and increased revenues. At the same time, it provides a flexible system for the management of mobile and fixed operations, which utilizes the same resources much more efficiently than before.

Jens Christensen

Business Unit Manager

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