Sandvik – a tunneling robot


Sandvik Mining and Construction has finished one of its biggest product development projects. The three-boomed tunneling robots used for this project have been praised by the experts as the most precise and efficient ever.

The intelligent ‘i-series’ tunnel jumbos are the result of half a century of experience, research and product development at Sandvik. The plans for the first devices date from the 80s, although the development of the current model began in 2002. A jumbo is a two, three or four boomed robot with eight joints in each boom, a six meter high feeding head on top of the boom, and a 25 kilowatt drill. Used in the construction of roads, railroads and water tunnels, the device can drill a section as large as 200 square meters while the operator is only required to monitor the action.


A Tunneling Robot Revolutionizes Mining.

The robots’ ‘minds’ were implemented by Cybercom. Cybercom was also responsible for the drill and boom control of the devices, the user interface, and the core that controls information management and communication. In addition, Cybercom was also largely responsible for the testing of the jumbos. All in all, the project involved approximately 35 experts from the company.  


Cybercom has been partners with Sandvik in this large-scale project almost from the start.

Sandvik Mining and Construction and Cybercom have created a concern level frame agreement, which will help guarantee that their cooperation in the development of the software will continue in the future.



We believe that the long term cooperation with Cybercom will be a smooth and rewarding experience.

Marko Jokinen, Global Sourcing Manager, Sandvik

Bo Strömqvist

Head of Sales Cybercom Group

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