Qmatic – valuating time


There is an old saying that time is money. Think if you could reduce the time waiting or even eliminate the time you have to spend in a queue?

Qmatic is a world leading firm which manages customer flows, from initial contact to final service delivery. The client needed an efficient and user friendly commercial application for queuing systems. The reason why Qmatic wanted these applications was identified customer need and the opportunity to further create a more efficient queuing system.


Cybercom has helped Qmatic with concept study from physical product to the mobile services, focusing on new business models, including prototype development for the demo of the new services. Cybercom even performed design, implementation and test of the mobile application and the accompanying middleware. Current project is to revise the prototype into a commercial application for queuing systems for example a bank. The app is written for both the iPhone and Android with a middleware application that manages communication between apps and Qmatic own backend.

The project has been a success due to a passionate and competent project team and a customer that has had trust in Cybercom’s expertise within the mobile arena.


With the delivered applications, Qmatic will now be able to offer their clients increased value in their newest product, Orchestra, in that the clients’ visitors can plan their visit through a mobile device. This leads to happier clients since they can reduce costs and save time.

Mattias Johansson

Director Sales Connected Devices

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