Oman – Quality control of telecom services


The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the Sultanate of Oman awarded Cybercom a contract to conduct an audit and evaluation of the quality of telecom services in Oman.

End-user quality requirements and expectations of the operator are continually increasing, and the TRA previously received a large number of complaints from customers regarding the quality of telecom services in Oman. Customer experience is one of the most important aspects for mobile operators in terms of attracting and retaining subscribers. The focus of the project was therefore to measure and analyse real “customer experience”, i.e. the achievement of good and satisfactory customer experience from the beginning of the service to the end.


Cybercom conducted an audit and evaluation of the quality of the operators' networks for 2G, 3G and LTE, as well as for WiMax, fixed telephony and broadband ADSL services.

The assignment included identifying and mapping how signal strength varied geographically in the country, as well as measuring download times for the most visited domains.

The project was conducted by a team of seven consultants on location in Oman. Cybercom has many years’ experience in this field and conducts this type of audit worldwide.


Through this assignment, Cybercom provided the TRA with an independent picture of the quality of telecom services in Oman per Class 1 licence requirements for operators.

This type of audit and evaluation allows the operators to ensure the quality of telecommunications services and thereby attract new subscribers and retain existing subscribers.

The project was delivered on schedule, and the TRA is satisfied with Cybercom’s work and has shown interest in a future and ongoing business relationship.

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