A new website for Nynas AB


Nynas AB is a different kind of oil company. For them oil is a material with unique qualities that their clients use in a number of well-known products and processes.

Nynas is a leader in a relatively narrow niche within the oil industry, but what the company does is visible everywhere around it. Roads, roofs, tubes, tyres, rubber, flooring, paint and magazines are just a few of the thousands of everyday objects that in some way contain Nynas oils.

This means that Nynas operates in a large variety of segments in which customers are highly specialised. These customers require information about their specific segment, and it must be easy to find.


To accommodate the needs of the users Cybercom developed a website, based on Nynas requirements and specifications, that is more segmented than in the past.

The assignment also included upgrading of the existing CMS platform EPiServer.

The project used SCRUM as development methodology.


Nynas has got a website that is customised according to target groups and makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Visit the website: www.nynas.com

Johan Stenborg

Business Manager

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