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National Maritime Museums in Sweden runs three public museums. These are the Vasa Museum and Maritime Museum in Stockholm, and the Naval Museum in Karlskrona.

The agency’s mission is to preserve and develop maritime cultural heritage and to increase people’s knowledge about it.

The Naval Museum needed a modern way to let visitors learn more about one of the exhibitions. The vision was to let visitors at the museum interact with an easy-to-use application. The information needed to be presented in an attractive way that followed the graphical profile of the National Maritime Museums in Sweden.


Cybercom developed an HTML5 based site for an information kiosk for visitors at the Naval Museum, showing what life was like on the gun deck of a ship. Cybercom developed the design and interaction using the Naval Museum's guidelines. The adaptation of the graphics and Cybercom’s changes to the proposed interaction solution were greatly appreciated.

The kiosk media player was based on a solution from BrightSign. Cybercom’s solution was optimised for the platform, resulting in a fast response time.


National Maritime Museums in Sweden was impressed by the delivery from Cybercom. The new interactive kiosk is a key element of the exhibition. It makes history come alive and makes it exciting for the visitors.

”Thank you for the delivery! The touchscreen application has been approved and we are very pleased with the result!”

Johan Persbeck

Business Unit Leader

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