Mauritius – customer experience management


The client (mobile operator) awarded Cybercom a Customer Experience Management (CEM) service contract in Mauritius.

The client’s customer care team often receives complaints from subscribers about poor service, yet the traditional KPIs and QoE do not reflect issues and the technical team is unable to identify the root cause of poor user perception. The focus of the service was therefore to measure and understand the real customer experience, identify actions and implement them to improve the Customer Experience Quality for both Voice and Data services.


Cybercom delivered its CEM service over 3 phases for a total duration of 6 months:

  • Phase 1: Monitoring of Customer Experience through ongoing survey campaigns
  • Phase 2: Investigation and correlation of Customer Experience with technical data from Mobile Device Agents, Call Trace, OSS counters
  • Phase 3: Implementation of Recommendations and Monitoring of Improved Customer Experience through ongoing survey campaigns

Cybercom correlated user perception, i.e. subjective data, with objective data from OSS KPI, traces, geo-localized data, and build recommendations tailored to address the issues experienced by the customers. 


Implementation of recommendations into the network brought better user experience:

  • Improved browsing experience perception by 15% - from direct feedback from the customers
  • Improved voice quality issues by 50% - customers rating much less issues in the voice quality
  • Customers felt less battery consumption – measurements showed an improvement of 14% in battery life
  • Download throughput improved by 17%, Upload throughput by 60% and Latency by 50% - as measured from the customer objective data – data collected from user device

The service bridged the traditional gap between network KPIs and real Customer Experience. The client has taken a large step in being aligned all the way from customer care, marketing and the technical team.

The client can now get both subjective feedback from its subscribers as well as objective technical data that he can use to track down reasons for bad experience to the root cause and to address them effectively.

Andreas Carlberg

Head of Business Transformation & Offerings

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