MTV MEDIA, Spotti TV campaign calculator


MTV MEDIA operates ten TV channels in Finland. Also part of MTV MEDIA is, one of Finland’s most popular online media, and Finland’s most-listened commercial radio station, Radio Nova.

MTV MEDIAS’s aim was to create a simple and clear tool where clients could see opportunities and investment costs of TV advertising (commercial spots). Purchasing TV advertising time should be as easy as purchasing any other product.


Cybercom designed and implemented a new and user friendly campaign calculator to MTV MEDIA in just one month. The new campaign calculator has been a huge success.

The campaign calculator is now also hosted by Cybercom.


“We trusted Cybercom’s expertise in developing and hosting the site. We have worked successfully since the site was released. With Cybercom’s assistance, we can now concentrate on our core business which is content development”, Minna Mäkinen, Marketing Manager, BtoB and event marketing, MTV MEDIA.


Juha Markkanen

Director Managed Services

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