Kommunal – A social intranet for Sweden’s largest union


Kommunal, the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union, is Sweden’s largest union, with over 500,000 members. Most are employed by municipalities, but more and more are employed by private companies. Many are also employees of county councils.

Kommunal wanted to improve the interaction with its members and saw a need for an intranet that serves as both a meeting place for union issues and a support to members in their union duties.

The objective of the new intranet is to engage and involve members in Kommunal’s activities and to raise awareness of Kommunal’s work and values.


Cybercom was responsible for strategy, design and implementation in the construction of one of Sweden’s largest social intranets.

The solution is based on the EPiServer Relate product package with EPiServer Community, and is closely integrated and interconnected with the existing website, kommunal.se.

The intranet contains functionality such as: own membership groups, forums, discussions articles, member profiles, contact search, instant messaging, status updates, lifestream with news, and an extensive calendar/activity planning tool.

The intranet encourages and highlights users who create content and work more actively in the community. The community itself provides suggestions for other members that a user may be interested to contact and get to know. There are opportunities to comment and rate members' opinions both graphically and in words.

Data security is an important component of the solution since the intranet contains sensitive information that must be protected. There are procedures and functionality for incident management, shutdown, operating log management and password policies.

The project used SCRUM as its development methodology.


Kommunal can now easily reach out to its members and support them in their union activities. Members can also network and cooperate among themselves, thereby creating a strong cohesion within the union. 

Johan Stenborg

Business Manager

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