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KONE plc is one of the world’s leading companies manufacturing elevators and escalators. KONE’s clients, for example facility managers, need to have instant review of operational status of all elevators and escalators under his or her management.


Cybercom and KONE have been co-operating to develop the new E-Link™ monitoring and reporting system. KONE E-Link™ enables you to monitor your elevator and escalator systems in one or several buildings from one location.

The system is already in use in many of the world’s major office buildings, airports and hotels.

One of the places using the system is the world’s largest airport, Beijing Capital Airport. This airport, which underwent substantial expansion work for the Olympic Games 2008, serves more than 40 million passengers every year. 192 elevators, escalators and moving walkways are connected to the E-Link system in the terminal building.

The monitoring system has also the possibility to integrate it into the building’s other automation systems, such as lighting and air-conditioning control.


"The remote monitoring system enables the perception of the overall status in real time at a glance, even if you have to monitor a one-hundred storey office block or a city subway network.

With the aid of the user interface, you can also do things like removing individual elevators from use or shutting off access to elevators on certain floors. The system also offers users statistical information on the operation and loading of the elevators and on the flow of people in the building", says KONE Project Manager, Pasi Raitola..

Bo Strömqvist

Head of Sales Cybercom Group

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