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The Internet is taking away readers from printed newspapers and reading news online has become a part of everyday routine for many people.

Antti Haarala, responsible for the development of “Thanks to the internet, there has been a significant change in the way people consume news at the beginning of the 21st century. Today our site,, is just as important for our business as the printed paper. In fact, is today the most popular website in Finland with 1,7 to 1,8 million visitors a week. Of course content that interests the readers is the most important factor, but the delivery tools are also very important – reliability is critical. There’s no room for service interruptions when web advertising is constantly growing.”


Creating a bespoke, easy to maintain system.

Cybercom and their large data center are responsible for the maintenance of and several other sites run by the largest web service providers in Finland.

Antti Haarala: “Decentralizing services and delivery systems is essential from a business point of view. Having our own system is crucial for our operations. The same team has been worked on it for years, both from our side and from Cybercom. This has been a significant factor in driving our rise to be the number one website.” 


The number one website in Finland. 

Risk management is a necessary part of the maintenance of large web services. Iltalehti and Cybercom have been cooperating seamlessly for 20 years to make sure that the technical side of the service matches ever-growing expectations. The constant development of the site, which is based on the needs of the reporters producing the content, and especially the readers using it, has helped it to reach the number one position.

Juha Markkanen

Director Managed Services

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