EU Data Retention Directive


The EU Data Retention Directive (EUDRD) – adopted in 2006 – harmonises the obligations of EU communication providers to retain data and to make data available to police for the prevention and investigation of crime.

The Directive applies to data generated or processed by communication services that are publicly available.

Cybercom’s client had several different own-developed solutions spread out in several countries and needed to exchange these to comply with the high demands that the new regulation brought.

Data retention is time critical

When the police present a request, communication providers must make the relevant data available without “undue delay”. Data requested for terrorism prevention purposes is more time-critical than anything else, and a delay of just a few hours could have severe consequences.

Data completeness and integrity

Communication providers must ensure the completeness and integrity of the data they retain. This means that they must have a procedure in place to track all relevant categories of data and to capture all data points within those categories.

Client vision

Cybercom’s client was looking for a unified solution that fully complied with the regulations and supported each country-specific requirement, but at the same time kept data completely separated. The security staff in each country should be able to perform any of the required queries without being in the hands of any other department.


Cybercom delivered the solution based on a product named iServ, provided by our long-time product vendor IDS. Together, Cybercom and IDS worked closely with our client, where requirements and challenges were discussed and solved with great transparency.

Technology, methods etc.

iServ Legal Data Retention is 100% compliant with Directive 2006/24/EC of the European Parliament. Many customer management systems only maintain a record of the current status of the customer data and not the actual changes as and when they occurred, as required by the EU Directive. iServ Legal Data Retention includes the functionality to derive these changes, and dates for the changes, from the standard records received from the customer management system. 

The structure and security inherent in iServ allows operators with networks in multiple countries to implement all these networks on one installation of iServ Legal Data Retention without compromising the data or security of the data. This allows the operator to achieve additional cost and operational efficiencies.


Cybercom, with its vast experience of telecom transactions and insight into the regulations, provided our client with a solution that enables the client’s security staff to retrieve requested information in less than 2 minutes. The solution allows the client to expand with further operations with minimum effort and cost.