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Doro is a market leader in telecommunications for seniors. The company develops, markets and sells products that are specially adapted for seniors or people with special medical needs.

Doro places great emphasis on quality control. Regular inspections and monitoring are some of the key elements in the development and manufacture of new products. Well-functioning quality control, with clear internal and external processes, is essential in order to be able to take the next step in the product field.


Doro’s Telecare segment acts as a complement, with connected care products. Thanks to its experience in testing this type of product, Cybercom was able to take overall responsibility for the tests. In its Test Centre, Cybercom has built up a testing group that designs, executes and automates the testing of telecare products.

Cybercom has also served as technical advisor in discussions, both internally and with Doro’s suppliers. The telecare products include motion detectors, smoke detectors and fall sensors. All the products communicate wirelessly with a central unit that is connected to an external service provider.

The tests include testing the specific functionality of the products, as well analysis of the radio communication to ensure compliance with the proprietary radio protocol. The testing conducted is hardware-related and requires some modifications and construction of electronic solutions.

Cybercom has extensive experience in testing, and a wide range of skills from many different clients and assignments. Frameworks and skills from previous assignments are reused and form the basis of Cybercom’s testing offering through its Test Centre. This allows a short start-up period for new assignments, which means that testing can get started quickly. This can be critical when launching new products to the market.

Cybercom has a long and close relationship with Doro and has provided support with testing expertise in a number of assignments and projects. A few examples:

  • Performed testing of products based on Android in accordance with Google’s Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). 
  • Created test cases and designed testing strategies.
  • Performed testing on products, both with scripted test cases and session-based exploratory testing, which requires testers with extensive domain knowledge and extensive experience of testing.
  • Using a proprietary test framework, performed current measurements, calculations and testing to measure standby time, talk time and battery capacity, and to demonstrate how different scenarios affect power consumption in Doro’s range of products.
  • Performed Bluetooth ® interoperability testing of products to increase the likelihood of seamless interoperability with, for example, infotainment systems in vehicles.
  • Tested functionality of motion detectors, smoke detectors and fall sensors, and of a central unit that communicates wirelessly with the sensors, and analysed radio communication to verify compliance with the radio protocol.
  • Resources from Cybercom have regularly attended Doro on site, in close collaboration with Doro’s project managers.


Through its testing expertise, Cybercom contributes to the identification of problems during the actual development and thus to enhancing the quality of Doro’s products.

Cybercom’s Test Centre also provides Doro with access to an entire testing organisation on a highly flexible basis, making Cybercom a natural partner in discussions and collaboration on strategy, consulting and execution.

Andreas Dyrhed

Site Manager Öresund

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