Danderyd Municipality – web strategy and information gathering


Danderyd Municipality in Sweden wanted to construct an external website and therefore needed to conduct a feasibility study with regard to needs and specifications. The study was intended to form the basis for a future procurement of a new web publishing tool (content management system, CMS) and the construction of a new website.


Cybercom undertook the feasibility study, which included the following components:

  • Needs analysis. Basis for the specification of the CMS.
  • Prototype. Functionality and tasks to be carried out on the site were included in the prototype and formed a part of the specification in terms of the functionality requirements.
  • Web strategy. Web strategy with goals and objectives of web presence, as well as a long-term action plan for achieving them.
  • Strategic action and development plan. Cybercom developed a plan for the municipality of Danderyd to manage, maintain, build and develop the website.
  • Calculation of costs. Cybercom performed calculations of the costs of two different CMSs based on the requirements and needs. The calculation included the cost of operation, licences, external development, a resource calculation for its own staff, and finally the total cost for implementation and delivery of a new website and search engine.
  • CMS specification.  


This feasibility study provided Danderyd Municipality with good information in the ongoing work of constructing a new website. 

Johan Stenborg

Business Manager

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