– from strategy to launch


The aim of the project was to create a new website for the group that appeals to Cybercom's designated target groups, generates more leads and job applications, and strengthens Cybercom’s brand.

The website should be common to the entire group, be able to handle a variety of languages and be administered by editors scattered across the world.

Since Cybercom is a listed company there are stringent requirements that information provided by the company to the stock market is available and up to date. (Cybercom was delisted 1/ 2016).


Cybercom has built its external website ( based on web publishing tool (CMS) EPiserver version 7.5 and search engine EPiServer Find.

The work was carried out as an external assignment in two phases, using only internal resources in both phases:

Phase 1. Feasibility study in three parts

  1. Needs analysis with a target group audit and workshops with internal specifiers
  2. Concept development, target group descriptions (personas) and prototype presentation
  3. Documentation in the form of a final report and strategic plan for Cybercom's digital presence

Phase 2. Implementation project

  1. Design and UX
  2. Agile development using SCRUM, with staggered delivery following development sprints and testing
  3. Training of editors
  4. Migration of information (content) and production launch

The site has been developed using responsive guidelines based on the Bootstrap Framework and adapted for presentation in various digital devices.

Integration with external systems/providers has been made with Cision (press releases, financial reports, annual reports and business intelligence), Wise (vacancies), Google Analytics (statistics) and AddThis (social bookmarking).

Important components of the project were web analytics and search engine optimisation. All activity on the site can be measured using Google Analytics. Customised statistics reports are automatically generated and sent to the content managers for follow-up. 


Cybercom is benefiting from a responsive website that is customised to its target groups and that strengthens Cybercom’s business. Search engine optimisation has enhanced visibility and generated more traffic and more leads. The site is measurable and thus the content can be adapted and improved continuously. 

Johan Stenborg

Business Manager

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