Yanting Larsen

Yanting - a Maker of tomorrow

Yanting is a UX and front-end developer that makes sure that even though the backend is complex and competent, the front end is always simple, interactive and intuitive. 

Hi Yanting, could you tell us a little bit on how you became a Maker?

Well, I was born and grew up in Tianjin, China and when I was a kid things were very different from now. Being a girl I was not expected to be interested in coding. But I was and I pursued my interest and studied to become what I am today.


That is a fascinating story! What project would you say is your proudest moment at Cybercom?

That is actually quite easy! I was recently a part of building a whole complex responsive site from the ground up, the new bio.se. With bio.se we really reinvented the way a cinema site should work and did all the backend and front end coding. I can honestly say that I am really proud of what the team achieved.

When we became involved in the project it was rather delayed and we only had one and a half months to deliver the first results. Working as a team, pulling everyone together we could delivery a really good site on time and most important, the customer was very happy.


How do you make a difference in team as a Maker

As a UX and front-end developer it is my job to really understand the end user and what they want. And to understand what our customers want. And make sure that those to things in the end are the same! But I am still very junior, I am still learning a lot everyday, in every project.


Yes, you joined Cybercom quite recent. What do you think a Maker is?

I think being a Maker is all about having the right attitude. An attitude of every day trying to become an expert in your field, contribute in projects and you know, actually solve problems. Skills you can learn, but the attitude is really important. If you can work hard and have an attitude that works with other you can get very far.