Thom Persson

Thom Persson – a Maker of tomorrow

Meet Thom – an Agile team Coach who loves music and likes to share his experiences and insights around being introvert.

How did you become a Maker?

I have always been a creative person, but it was music that sparked my interest in technology in the first place. When I was young, music was my driving force. As a start I played bass and wrote songs. I later became interested in music production and the process of creating unique sounds with synths and effects. From there, I went deeper into the music swamp and began to study audio technology and found programming. With programming, I could now build software synths and create my own effects!


Can you tell us about what it is like to be an introvert person in a team?

When I started to work as a developer I thought I would sit and develop and code by myself and that was the way you should do it. After a few jobs I was placed in a team. I soon realized the benefits of coding together!

I started to see the differences of my team members, their personalities, motivation factors and our collaboration as a strength and I understood how these differences could benefit us all. This was a journey of acceptance for me – I went from suppressing my introversion to accepting it, as our individual flaws got overshadowed by the collective strength of the team.


What is a Maker according to you?

I have been given the opportunity to talk about being an introvert. This might at a first glance seem far-fetched from the world of technology, but it is actually very central. As people are the ones creating technology and the ones using it, it is important to understand how different we work. For me, a Maker is someone who under safe conditions and in a safe environment can create something of value for others.