Sofia Ljunggren

Sofia - a Maker of tomorrow

Sofia works at Cybercom as a Group Chief Security Officer, which is also her dream job and suits her very well since she has a great interest in strategies and teamwork!

Would you like to tell us about your story into becoming a maker?

I think I’ve had a lot of setbacks throughout my life, but without reflecting over them as such. Instead I’ve seen them as nothing else than natural certainties and adapted from it. For example I think that having an older brother with Cerebral Palsy (CP) has strengthened my character into focus on the possibilities and how to make what you want happen, rather than feeling blue about that something was hard to accomplish. I’ve seen a lot of injustices and realised very early that you must put in a lot of effort to get things done. I’ve also seen that regulations can be made to be looked upon in ways that only benefits the authorities and not the individuals, and this makes me thrive for my work with compliance and the rights of the individual. Cybercom has provided me with a platform where I can fight for change to happen, making it my dream job.


Which of your qualities would you say makes you stand out as a maker?

It is probably my strategically oriented mind, my sense for order and my grandma personality, that might make me stand out. I have a strategy for almost everything in life, from organising projects at work to optimise emptying the dish-washer whilst unloading the food bags and cooking dinner. Already as a child, I was also very precocious and loved to play logical puzzles, chess and Rubiks cube. Now, I can live out my love for strategies at Cybercom, which is very appealing indeed.


How would you describe your dream project?

I definitely would say that I have it right now, even though it’s not actually described as a project. My assignment aims to manage the internal information security organisation, so it really affects all of Cybercom along with our clients. Also, since we are a consultancy agency selling innovations and security services, our credibility towards our clients and customers are in affect of how we as an organisation understand and comply with information security and data protection internally. It’s also an assignment which requires strategic abilities, so it suits me very well! I also have the same assignment externally, so I get the best from two worlds and learns from different businesses demands.


What is a maker to you?

A maker to me is someone who is stable. Someone who dares to act and think outside of the box, however always with an understanding of the outcomes. A maker should also dare to be confident and open enough to ask for help or advice in tricky situations. No maker is perfect and we grow a lot from asking and helping each others out.