Sandra Li

Sandra – a Maker of tomorrow

Meet Sandra - account manager at Cybercom. Sandra is an early adopter of all things technology and works every day to transform our customers digitally.


Sandra, how did you become a Maker?

I am your typical early adopter of technology and I bring a very important perspective to technology development – the one of the user. Working with project management and requirements gathering my background as avid user of technology becomes very useful. I can take the perspective of end-users and see things through their eyes rather than only looking from the inside out.

You are working with a large chain of gas stations to make them more digital. How is that like?

You’d be surprised but a lot of innovation in this industry is actually digital. Today, gas stations play a different role in customers’ life than before – we wash our cars there, we buy snacks and we stop to get some rest on long journeys. Therefore, it is crucial to drive brand loyalty and get people into the store as they stop for gas. Digital plays a big role in making this happen. 


Are there any projects at that you are extra proud of?

There is one solution that we developed that I think was really cool. Our task was to build a digital tool to increase customer loyalty for customers who also are credit card holders.  We built a tool that automatically tracks how eco-friendly the driver drives. The better score the driver gets, the cheaper the gasoline they buy would be. A real win-win-win situation – good for the environment, good for the driver and good for our customer since brand loyalty would increase.


Being Makers of tomorrow, what value does our customers get from that?

I think it is important to remember that everyone at Cybercom are Makers. I am not a technology expert or a coder, I run projects and make sure that developers build the right things. Still I am a Maker. When we bring the right people together, our customers can expect nothing short of remarkable results.