Omid Asali

Omid - a Maker of tomorrow

Omid works at Cybercom with Managed Services & Cloud Solutions. He is a street-smart Maker who dreams about using digitalisation to create a better environment for our next generation.

How did you become a Maker?

I’ve always seen myself as a nerd. When I was 6 years old I got my first playstation and it opened up my eyes for technology. While growing up, my dad also had a restaurant where I worked and helped out during the weekends. Instead of going out with my friends on a Friday evening, I spent time with my dad in his restaurant. This experience made me grow and realise that all things has a value. And that you need to work hard in order to earn those things.

Throughout all of my life I have also played a lot of handball. Except for it being fun, it also taught me about being a team player and how to effectively work in a team. Working as a Maker today, I can recognise these qualities - being a hard worker and a team player - in my colleagues at Cybercom. Which is inspiring to me.


As a Maker, what is your dream project?

Both me and my girlfriend cares a lot about nature, the environment and animals. I find it important for the next generation to be able to grow up in a healthy and safe world. I’ve been hearing about that Cape Town is running out of water. It would be interesting to see if we, as humans, through a technical solutions could help out in that situation.


Do you think that the society in general should apply more tech-solutions?

Yes, definitely. For example, printers. That fact that we still are printing papers, which is not only harming our environments but the papers also contain a lot of toxins, feels very outdated. This is an area that could be digitalised.

Cybercom for instance, has created a Bank ID, which makes it easier for people to quick and efficiently perform things. Things that positively affects our society, environment and even the world, those things motivates me.


What is a Maker to you?

A Maker is many things to me. It is a person who contributes to our society, clients and surrounding in a positive way. It is someone who tries to be a good fellow human and a person with an inspiring attitude. Someone who encounters failures and prosperities. Who sometimes makes mistakes and sometimes does all the right things. Experiences ups and downs. It is all of those small components that together creates a picture of life. That is what a Maker is to me.