Kim Vindemarker

Meet Kim Vindemarker - a Maker of tomorrow

Kim is a project manager within automotive and dreams about creating the perfect sustainable vehicle.

So, what turned you into a Maker?

I was always very curious, fascinated by the unknown. Already as a kid I dreamed about exploring the sea or space and in high school I didn’t follow the common path but instead studied space engineering and then in University I continued to study Mechanical Engineering & product design in Glasgow. This is where I really got interested in cars and understood how important software was going to be in every single industry.


Is there any specific project that you can tell us about where you really acted as a team of Makers?

I have always been lucky enough to work with very creative teams. In every successful project each person has its very important role to play. My role is always to make sure that everything fits together, bringing the creative powers of our developers into the product that we build for our customers. I think this is very much a Maker mentality, planning and running projects to build what the customer needs. And sometimes this could be something different from what he wants and that is really when your project management skills are tested.


What is your absolute dream Makers project?

I really care about sustainability, building a better future and leaving something better behind. I would love to use our digital toolbox to develop the transportation of the future, reducing emissions and also innovating in the supply chain removing conflict metals and improving logistics. Together we can actually build a better future.