Jolene Tayyar

Jolene – a Maker of tomorrow

Meet Jolene – Account Manager at Cybercom who believes diversity is one of our biggest assets for creating value.

Jolene, how did you become a Maker?

I believe that my mind-set has always been of a Maker’s. When I got to start working with what I loved, the true Maker inside of me came out.

Throughout my life, I have never been scared to take on new challenges and I have always been very open for new experiences and learning. I see challenges as opportunities to create something good, to make a difference. My aim is to solve challenges in the long term, to strive for the sustainable solutions that have a positive effect on all. At Cybercom, with the diversity of people and corporate culture motivating me, I have gotten the opportunity to do this, to be the person who makes a difference, to be a true Maker.


Diversity is one of our biggest assets. How can diversity create value for our clients? What can we learn from each other?

The variety of cultures gives us a mix of perspectives, experiences, and knowledge. The diversity gives us the opportunity to benefit from each other. How can we learn from others if we are all the same? We need this mix to advance, to accomplish change. I see the diversity at my workplace as a huge platform for development that the client can be part of by choosing us. At Cybercom, your talents, strength, and ideas are always fully supported, regardless of your gender and background. This inspires me to turn my capacity into value for our business and clients. Diversity is a priceless benefit for the individuals and for the companies. It is a huge asset that boosts a company’s innovation capability and it brings great value in our team deliveries.


What is a Maker to you?

A Maker is someone who can create value from diversity and differences and apply this to the challenges that they are faced with. As a Maker, you must understand what the needs are and be driven by exceeding the expectations on you. A Maker is always looking for more, to top what ever the goal is. In my job, working with team deliveries, it is about understanding how to create a team with the perfect interaction of talents, innovative and sustainable business solutions, passion, and trust. In my role, a crucial factor for success is to be close to the client’s work, to see the future of technology, and to see the talents of my colleagues. I want to create an interest for a connected and a sustainable world for the client so that we, together, can create a better world.

Everyone can be a Maker, given that you believe in your abilities and competence, that you have a burning passion for making a difference, and that you are brave enough to go outside your comfort zone.