Meet frontend-developer Ivan Sofeski

Ivan is 38 years old and is working as a frontend developer at IKEA. He is originally from Macedonia but lives currently in Malmö together with his wife and two daughters. His interest in programming started when he got his first French computer in 1980 at the age of 8.


How did you find you interest for programming?

When I was young, I got the first computer Alice 90, some French model of 1985 or 1986. I was learning basic programming to show words on a tv screen. That was fun for me! After that my parents bought me a Commodore 64 in 1989. After that I switched to PC 486, Pentium... I still have the first computer at my mom’s place!

I was working with applications for audio files and then I started with design, drawing in some applications that were available on PC in that moment. That progressed to building my own website. I slowly got introduced to the world of programming. Now it is more than 15 years since I first started, and I still enjoy it!

“I have been with computers all my life”

It’s a renascence for the developers certainly for frontend developers. Everything is changing daily. We are getting new tools and languages and that is exciting. It is possible to provide better solutions for users. The devices are changing and therefore we also are developing for different devices. It’s an exciting world to be in.

What are your daily tasks?

Right now I am in the project BYGGA design system. The system allows UX and developers to be aligned and in compliance with the branding of IKEA. System that can assure that all the system uses all the same design methods, fonts and icons aligned between them.

I work in a small scrum team with a product-owner, UX-designer, two frontend developers. We start our mornings by having standups and we work in two-week sprints. We work in Agile way and trying to have as much automatization as possible.

What is the funniest thing about your job?

The most exciting part with my job is that we are working with new technologies. We are learning a lot about the Cloud based system. We manage to deploy is project to several cloud solutions. We are using our experience to produce the new solutions with a new technology.

What is your definition on a successful consultant?

I would define a successful consultant as a person who recognize a problem and that comes with a solution. And, that has soft skills, pleasant and free to speak his mind so that the others will understand. The person needs to be blended with all different kinds of people.

What is your dream project?

I don’t have specific project. The most important project for me is the present one and the most interesting is the next one. Whatever they offer me I will have my influence there and it will be interesting. I know that I can build something valuable to my clients.

What is passion for you? And how important is that to do a great job?

I’m passionate about solving problems with code and IT. So, it’s a driving force for me and it helps me to build better solutions.