Heleen de Goey

Heleen - A Maker of tomorrow

Meet Heleen - a Service Designer in Göteborg’s business advisory team. Heleen believes in the sustainable solutions, the solutions that do not create new problems.

How did you become a Maker?

It all comes back to when I studied Industrial design in Holland. I got to solve various challenges while working in many different projects at several companies. In the beginning, at times that I did not have the solution at the start of a project, it would feel like an impossible mission. Then I realized that you do not have to know the answer at start, but that exploring and learning will get you there. It is about daring to throw yourself out there. If you are willing to do your utmost to get the solution, you will get it.


What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about sustainable development. During 2018, I was part of UNDP Sweden’s network of volunteers to spread awareness about the Global goals. Sustainable development is about creating solutions that do not cause new problems. Instead, the solutions should contribute to well-being, and not only for the people around you, but for all people on the planet. For example, I do not see a solution as a solution if it results in child labor somewhere else on the planet.


What is your dream project?

My dream project is not so much about a certain industry or such. It is rather about a certain way of working. My dream is to work with the users of the products or services that I am developing. To ask them what the issues in their everyday life are and to adapt the solutions for them. I want to be part of follow ups with the users, to discuss their opinions and thoughts. I believe that we need to get to know, and spend time with, the users on a thorough level to reach the best of solutions. I like the thought of this because I know that if we explore and develop this process and way of working, we can apply it on all challenges, in all areas.


So Heleen, what is a Maker to you?

As a Maker, you are not afraid to try on new things. Even though you do not have the answer in the beginning, you are willing to learn and explore to get to the solution. You want to take in new information, to learn new tools and systems, and most of all, you are ready to cooperate. It is important to understand that a Maker does not have to be an expert in the subject to solve the problem. A Maker is someone who can cooperate with somebody who knows more about the subject. A Maker must dare to ask for help. No one knows everything.