Gabriel Ibanez

Gabriel – a Maker of tomorrow

Meet Gabriel – a senior consultant and agile project manager who hacked his bike light for more power as a kid and recently built a connected bird feeder for Universeum.  


Gabriel, when did you know that you were a Maker?

As a kid I started experimenting with Printed Circuit Boards. I had grown tired of all standard, weak LED-lights for my bike, so I bought some industrial strength LEDs, built a circuit board and put everything into a casing to fit it on my bike. It became so strong that people stopped me on the streets asking me if I had a laser on my bike!

Is that an experience that you bring into Cybercom and the projects you do here?

Yes, very much so. It is all about curiosity and to explore the boundaries of what can be done. This is exactly what we do when we solve problems here at Cybercom.


Do you have any example of such a project, where you and your team have used these Maker qualities?

I think the project that we did for Universeum, called Hungry birds, really embodies what it means to be a Maker. Their most popular attraction is a rain forest where a flock of rare and endangered birds live. They gave us a clear task – how can we use technology to keep track of the well-being and status of these birds?  

We equipped each bird with an RFID tag and all feeding stations with a sensor so that Universeum could keep track of them every time they enjoy their seeds and also present digitized information about the flock to visitors to enhance their experience.  


What do you think companies can learn from a project like Hungry Birds?

We have been working with Universeum for a long time, gaining their trust by delivering multiple great projects. So, if you really want to develop big bold ideas and then build them, you need to work with a partner that you really can trust. Trust that they understand your business and that they can deliver the technology needed to transform it