Elisa Patronen

Elisa – a Maker of tomorrow

Elisa Patronen is a User Experience Designer at Cybercom with a passion for testing the unknown and expanding her knowledge in every possible – and impossible – area.

How did you become a Maker?

It was probably my constant longing to gain new experiences and to combine solutions that made me a Maker. For me, the fun lies in finding correlations in patterns and analogies in seemingly different things, and applying these in new situations. When I attended design school, I learnt to fail quickly, try again and, most importantly, to ask the right questions. This is a never-ending pursuit, but it opened me up to an entirely new way of seeing how everything is connected. I think that experience is what truly made me a Maker in practice.


What would your dream project look like?

My dream is to get involved in numerous types of projects. For me, a giant project is not the most rewarding achievement, but rather creating smaller solutions that lead us in the right direction. There are few experiences that fail to give you new insights and perspectives on the future and, in reality, you can find synergies in the most surprising combinations.

For example, when I began my design studies many people thought I would probably not be able to draw on my background in statistics in any way. To-day, more and more people have begun to see the value in combining statistical tasks with qualitative client insights. Now that so many things have already been created in the world, innovation is often the art of combining existing pieces of the puzzle in unexpected ways.