Antti Hahto

Antti Hahto - a Maker of tomorrow

Meet Antti – He creates history and has a front row seat in Finland’s digital transformation while he is painting the Finnish public sector’s white canvas with AI.

What sparked your curiosity to create new things with technology?

There are some disciplines, such as physics, where you really need to stand on shoulders of the giants while rising there requires absurd amount of time. Then, there are some areas where you really can participate in cutting-edge research, make and invent new things no one has ever done before and eventually sail to uncharted territories with gold and dragons. This is not to say, it still would require years of studies, but it’s possible in one’s life-time.


Can you tell us about an interesting project you have been involved in?

Basically, we’re having a front row seat in Finland’s transformation to post-information era, the age of AI. In the public sector, there is a common conception of writing reports and making PowerPoints just for the sake of it. It’s awesome to show that also big governmental institutions can and will react fast; they just need encouragement and gently push into that direction.

Is has been a fresh white canvas and we’ve been given quite free hands to design many AI concepts related to this from a technological viewpoint. It’s been somewhat eye opening, that many governmental officials are genuinely interested in making society better and life a little bit less bad for everyone. They are doing their part and we are supporting them form our side.


What are the most important things you learned?

There’s always a way or two for solving impossible problems; not going through the obstacle by “brute-force” but, rather, carefully evaluating if that’s the correct obstacle to begin with. It’s like hacking the problem; finding ways to circumvent and breaking it into parts. And having rebellious enjoyment in doing so.

Usually, customer presents a problem to be solved while already inadvertently progressing on to “how” territory. Take that “how” out for a second and rather ask “why”, from a business point of view. Treat everything simply as input material for establishing a new starting point together with the customer.