Adam Dziomdziora

Adam Dziomdziora – a Maker of tomorrow

Meet Adam – a Full-Stack Developer that in his spare time is working on an AI that with fuzzy logic recommends you how to run more ergonomically and optimal.

How did you become a Maker?

I am constantly looking for new possibilities to develop myself. It started in the Primary School and I remember I was participating in various contents, events and courses to enlarge my skills and make progress in my personal development.

I would say an important milestone for me was when I, during high school, participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup World Citizenship competition. Although we were younger than theoretical registration limit, (they demanded students), we reached into the Top 30 in Poland. Our success was built
on preparing a system for preventing bees from dying. The solution we provided was a tool for farmers to plan a grace period and prevent the use of plant protection products.


In what project did the Maker spirit really come through?

The Maker spirit really came through when I was in an Innovation Zone Project. It was a Blockchain project and we investigated the usage of business frameworks for working with Blockchain technology.  It was in this project me and my colleague proved that it is possible to learn a completely new business framework and prepare a demonstration of a Blockchain concept in only 5 days.


What are the most important things you learned from the Blockchain project?

The fact that we discovered how to use blockchain business frameworks and show some potential use cases for it was valuable for me. As a team we proved ourselves that with the help of strong spirit and trust we could achieve real goals in a short period of time. With good energy and encouraged people you can move mountains, go through boundaries of unlimited possibilities and catch the future.