University project to engage interest in solar power

2018-06-27, 10:56


University project in Jönköping to engage interest in solar power

Today sees the launch of, a solar energy calculator that allows visitors to view in real time how much solar power is being produced in Jönköping County. The website has been developed by four engineering students from the Jönköping School of Engineering as part of a university project in collaboration with Cybercom and the Climate Council. The aim of this unique site is to engage interest in locally produced solar power. gathers data on the local use of solar installations in Jönköping County. This is then presented to the site's visitors in an inspiring, easy-to-understand and simple way. For example, visitors can compare the production of solar energy between the county’s various municipalities and how this changes over time.

“As a county, Jönköping last year had the biggest increase in installed solar power in Sweden, which demonstrates the great local interest in this energy. With this in mind, the site is intended to act as a fact-based source of information that will hopefully inspire even more people to start producing their own environmentally friendly solar power,” says Filip Mattson, one of the engineering students who developed the site.

The number of solar systems in Jönköpings County currently stands at almost 1,000, and the installed output of solar power was expanded by 84 percent last year, giving the county the largest increase in installed output in Sweden. By comparison, the total average increase was 63 percent nationwide last year.

From left: Pontus Vidén, Filip Mattsson, Viktor Henningsson, Robert Elozovic, Helena Jonsson Governor of Jönköping

“It is important to highlight efforts in the switch to a fossil-free society. The solar calculator is an exciting and easy-to-understand way to actually see how much renewable solar energy we produce in Jönköping County,” says Helena Jonsson, Governor of Jönköping County and Chairman of the Climate Council.

The engineering students behind, Filip Mattson, Pontus Vidén, Robert Elezovic and Viktor Henningsson, are in their second year at the Jönköping School of Engineering. The website was developed during the spring as part of a business placement in collaboration with Cybercom in Jönköping and the Climate Council. The solar energy calculator uses weather data from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, information on the installed output of solar energy from the County Administrative Board in Jönköping County and models for solar energy production in Sweden. The data is updated daily. will be presented during Almedalen Week.

“ will be presented during the Climate Council seminar on July 2 at Almedalen Week 2018. We then hope that more councils and organisations will be inspired to use to visualise their local solar energy production. This is entirely in line with Cybercom’s goal to improve the proportion of solutions that offer a sustainability impact,” says John Wibrand, Innovation Leader and the students’ supervisor at Cybercom.


Visit the solar calculator at

You can download the picture of the students here.

You can download the picture of the Governor Helena Jonsson here.


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