Consultants gain more knowledge with Cybercom Technical Advisory Program

2018-07-12, 12:48

In our Technical Advisors program, we help talented and committed consultants to develop even more, giving them the tools and methods of acting and perceived as a truly knowledgeable and reliable advisor to our customers.

The program is focused at consultants who already have a lot of experience working close to customers, and who are already highly skilled in a field of technology / expertise or very skilled in several areas. The program is not aimed at developing technical skills, but the purpose of the program is to provide the technical expert with the tools needed to be able to become a highly skilled advisor in his area.

The program runs for one year and consists of two parts. The first part is a series of training sessions that take place approximately once a month. Each training session has its own theme, and examples of themes are:

What is an advisory consultant?

  • Leading a workshop
  • Interview techniques
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Risk management
  • Rhetoric and presentation techniques

The second part of the program consists of a mentorship. Each candidate in the program has a designated mentor who acts as an inspiration source and billboard throughout the program. The mentor meets at least once a month to discuss and follow up what has been learned in the program. Together with the mentor, you are also looking for opportunities to apply what you have learned in the program in your daily work.

Patrik Johnsson has been the coordinator of the program and has picked up experts in each field prior to each training session. Some of our experts are: Katarina Cornelius, Thomas Walls, Niklas Flyborg and Magnus Karlsson.

On Thursday, 14/6, the first edition of the program ends, and now we are in the process of planning the next round, which will start in August / September.


Why should you join the Tech Advisory Program?

We asked one of the participants Magnus Lönnegren Wikensten, interaction designer and Team Lead for the UX team in Malmö.



What do you have for education?

Three-year Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science (Skövde University).

What made you search for Tech Advisory program?

As a consultant in the UX area, I wanted to come even closer to the customers and to be able to advise on solutions early in the process.

What do you think of Tech Advisory program?

Technical Advisory Program has been very good, the sessions have been rewarding and gave a good overall picture of the expectations of us who go the program. The mentorship has been an important part of being able to discuss and develop further from each session. In addition, it has been very fun to get to know the other consultants who have passed the program.

What did you hope the program should result in when you started? Has it met your wishes?

My hope has been that I will get a deeper understanding of Cybercom's business and to share experience sharing about how we work with advice. I hoped this would be possible through my own work that UX should be a more natural part of incorporating these parts. In general, I absolutely think the request has been met. It has been instructive with everything from facilitating workshops to the Business Model Canvas model.

What do you take from the education? What did it give you?

I bring both new and refreshed knowledge, but above all, I also take with me a thought that characterized the whole program to constantly think about what more can be done as a consultant than just what it is schooled for and how it can benefit both Cybercom and the customer. It has been extraordinary to hear the Epic Battle Stories narrated by mentors and session holders, where much of what has been talked about is linked to real cases and situations.

How do you intend to implement the new knowledge in your role on Cybercom?

During the program, I have received another kind of awareness about advice, which feels exciting. Exactly how the new knowledge will be implemented remains to be seen, everything can happen!