Smart Factories introduces tomorrow's innovators to Industry 4.0

2017-12-13, 15:25

Meet Cybercom and Microsoft at Ny Teknik Industrial Internet of Things on the 23rd January where we present for you Smart Factories - a collaboration between higher education and industry to raise awareness of the industrial digitalization, and it’s need of the right competence. 

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Based on Microsoft Azure and technologies such as HoloLens, AI, IoT and VR Smart Factories gives the opportunity to use the latest technology in a modern factory, all supervised by representatives from leading Swedish industry companies.

A bridge between education and industry, and catalyst for Industry 4.0
The industrial digitalization is a key enabler for increasing the number of jobs in the Swedish industry. Smart Factories is a hands-on way to show the possibilities with Industry 4.0 to the industry and increase the attractiveness of technology and careers in industrial companies. A platform for industrial digitalization and an important bridge between education and industry.

“The world is evolving, and we need to evolve.
This is the next step for our industry to be able to compete”.

- Henrik Lövetoft Solution Sales Specialist Cloud and IoT, Cybercom Sweden