Hangsheng integrates osCar framework

2018-06-20, 14:50


Hangsheng integrates the Nordsys V2X stack and the Cybercom osCar framework into its on-board connectivity unit platform (OCU).


Hangsheng's new Car Connectivity platform has recently incorporated the latest service-oriented V2X stack from Nordsys and Cybercom's new osCar framework for V2X applications.

The current OCU platform is characterized by the fact that all communication technologies for future communication with vehicles have already been integrated into this flexible platform. This includes mobile communications via LTE / UMTS / GSM as well as the latest Bluetooth and WLAN standards as well as the radio broadcast standards AM / FM / DAB. In addition, the OCU can process safety messages based on the IEEE802.11p standard or the ETSI ITS G5 standard.

The OCU works here as a central communication interface in the vehicle and at the same time provides the highest security standards against cyber-attacks.

Based on a powerful SoC, various guest operating systems can be made available as virtual machines via a hypervisor. This makes it easy to reuse existing software components.

The modern software architecture of the OCU enabled partners Nordsys and Cybercom to quickly integrate their current V2X software components into the OCU platform. "With the integration of these V2X components, we can offer our customers even more options in the future of the new V2X standard. We look forward to demonstrating the new V2X services at the International Congress Automotive Electronics in Ludwigsburg for the first time, "explains Dr. Ing. Ralph Meyfarth, General Manager of Hangsheng Technology GmbH.

"Car manufacturers benefit enormously from this partnership. You get a V2X platform that meets all the needs of the automotive industry for quickly and easily integrating applications into their vehicles. The basis is the modular and proven waveBEE® V2X communication stack. The stack architecture also makes the OEM ideally equipped for future applications and transmission technologies, such as hybrid communication, "says Manfred Miller, managing partner of NORDSYS GmbH. With Hangsheng as a partner, NORDSYS GmbH is taking another step in the internationalization of its waveBEE® product portfolio of production-ready V2X solutions.

"We firmly believe that V2X communication is one of the key technologies for networked, autonomous vehicles of the future that will save lives and contribute to a sustainable environment, which is why we developed osCar, an agnostic software application framework which provides a complete foundation for the robust, secure and easy integration of V2X functionality into customer products, "said Kristian Palm, head of Wireless Labs at Cybercom.

The product osCar abstracts the V2X complexity by combining, among others, the V2X core stack technology of NORDSYS GmbH with fully verified security applications, message aggregation intelligence and vehicle integration software. osCar provides a high-level API that minimizes the overhead of developing system applications and provides a true “out-of-the-box” V2X software experience.


About Hangsheng


Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. (HSAE) is a global automotive supplier headquartered in Shenzhen, China, which specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of electronic products for the automotive, rail and marine industries. Our product lines include products and solutions for infotainment / telematics, sound systems, electronic controls and electric drives for EV / HEV / PHEV. Since 2012, HSAE has offices in the US, Germany, Japan and Russia to serve a global customer base with more than 4,500 employees today.

The German subsidiary Hangsheng Technology GmbH in Berlin acts as a research and development center for car infotainment and telematics projects of European automotive suppliers, in order to develop innovations together with the European Automotive ECO system and customer projects of both the European automobile manufacturers and the HSAE headquarters in China to coordinate and support.

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NORDSYS GmbH is one of the leading developers of software system architectures for V2X communication with many years of experience from various V2X projects. In addition to software development, the company's portfolio also includes proprietary waveBEE® system solutions for the development, simulation and analysis of complex V2X environments. As a partner of renowned automobile manufacturers, NORDSYS GmbH also has expertise in the areas of driver assistance, infotainment, future mobility solutions and complex simulation thanks to many years of international project work. Further information at www.nordsys.de.

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Cybercom is an IT consultant who helps leading companies and organizations capitalize on the opportunities of the connected world. We offer innovative, secure and sustainable solutions in IT and communications technology by combining technical edge and strong business knowledge. This applies regardless of whether it is the conversion of products into services, the development of new business models or help in the approach of the public sector to citizens. Our consultants and the solutions we develop lead us from public e-services in the Nordic countries to utilities and mobility service providers in the Caribbean Islands, the UN Global Compact, driverless cars, national electronic identification, networked sewing machines and elevators. The company's expertise encompasses the entire ecosystem of communications services and security. The home market of Cybercom is Northern Europe. In addition, the company provides global delivery capabilities for local and international business. With our software products blueGO and osCar, we supply the worldwide automotive industry with state-of-the-art connectivity solutions. Cybercom was founded in 1995 and employs 1,300 people in five countries. Learn more at www.cybercom.com.

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