Hi Jan Gulliksen!

We are honoured to introduce Professor Jan Gulliksen (Gulan) från Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), as one of our keynote speakers at our Makers of Tomorrow Leadership Hack. We caught up with Gulan to hear a bit more about him, his previous and up-coming work with the Swedish Government.


Hi Gulan! You are one of our honored keynote speakers during our Makers of Tomorrow Leadership Hack – warmest welcome!

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your program. I am looking forward to participating.


So, who are you and what do you currently do?

I am a professor in Human Computer Interaction at KTH Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm, Sweden. As a professor I teach and do research on digital work environments, user-centred systems design, cognitive accessibility and digitalization.

I am also the dean of the school of Computer Science and Communication and am also starting my work as vice president of digitalization at KTH. I was between 2012 and 2016 the chairman of the Digitalization Commission where we supported the ministry of the enterprise with analysis and ideas on political decisions that should be made to help reach Sweden’s goal of being the best country in the world for using the opportunities of digitalization.

Additionally I am the Digital champion of Sweden since 2012 working to get everyone in Sweden on line and improving digital skills for the European Commission. I also serve in the newly established Digitalization Council of the government. 


In short, what would you say was the key finding – or key findings -  Digitaliseringskommissionen had?

We made many reports (11 in total) and probably it is the recommendations in the final report that on the overall level should be emphasized. Herein we had 4 major recommendation;

  1. Organization for digitalization – create a new public authority with the responsibility to promote digitalization,
  2. Strategy for digitalization – adopt a strategy to give direction and power to the work on promoting digitalization,
  3. Leadership for digitalization – strengthen the leadership to make use of all opportunities through digitalization, 
  4. Competence for digitalization – prioritize building competence to assure welfare and growth in the digital society.


Based on that, how is your current work in the Digitalisation council connected?

In the Digitalization council we work to try and realize the goal proposed by the digitalization commission and to promote Sweden’s position in the global competition for being the best country in the world for using the opportunities for digitalization.


And finally, what will you talk about during our Makers of Tomorrow day?

During this particular event my intention is to share my thoughts in the transforming powers of digitalization and how you should work toward supporting digitalization in your organization.