Hello Katarina Cornelius!

2017-09-29, 09:41

We are happy to introduce our newly hired Head of Business Transformation Katarina Cornelius as the opening speaker at our Makers of Tomorrow Leadership Hack. We caught up with Katarina to hear a bit more about her and what she will speak about at our event.


Hello Katarina! You will be the opening speaker at our Makers of Tomorrow Leadership Hack - and warmest welcome to Cybercom.

Thank you – excited to have joined our team of makers! I am also very happy be able to co-create this day with our prominent speakers as well as our great audience. It actually feels a bit like X-mas arrived early this year.


So, who are you?

Long story short; I started to work for Cybercom in August and has during the past seven years worked on a global scale enabling individuals, organisations and businesses to shift into this new digital networking paradigm – what I refer to as the World 4.0 (in my book Byt Värld).

My own digital journey started some 20 years ago and I usually say that everything I studied back then has happed until now. From about now, we are entering yet another shift – even a new paradigm; the World 5.0 - which in a near future will pose both challenges but foremost opportunities for the ones who grasp the new mechanisms and rules of the game – both on a societal level as a business level.


What made you want to work for Cybercom?

Several reasons actually and if I am to name a few it would be our high level of ambition and our learning approach - thereby constantly challenging the status quo. I also favour our strong value based approach in doing that – we are passionate makers, innovative souls putting a high level of trust in creating from the unknown. From my perspective, we have thereby integrated the more agile, growth type of mindset required to help our clients be successful today. Finally, I also find that we are grounded in a clear purpose where we through digitalisation and our connected services are helping our clients contributing to a better more sustainable world in a win-win-win (our clients-our world-ourselves) formula.


What do you currently do?

Since August this year I am building up our newly established Business Transformation unit which will help our customers grow into the new paradigm as well as accelerate a sustainable growth within this paradigm. My team is doing that by both enabling a mindshift but also facilitating our clients through this journey of transition. I have had the privilege to work with some of our largest multinationals as well as local businesses in nearly all types of industries and have found that we (somewhat surprisingly perhaps!) are all humans depending on human connection, interactions and relationships to thrive and grow – also as a business. So let’s say I bring a more human-centric approach to this world of digi and tech.


And finally, what will you talk about during our Makers of Tomorrow day?

I will - quite humbly - try to frame our day together by telling a story that interweaves my perspective on the current and emerging paradigm shifts, how we can address it from a business leadership point of view, spice it up with a personal touch and hopefully – somehow – thereby be able to seamlessly introduce our prominent speakers which I, by the way, believe our audience is mainly there to listen to. Looking forward!