Hello Joakim Stolpe!

We are so excited to introduce Joakim Stolpe from Amazon Web Services as one of our speakers at our Makers of Tomorrow Leadership Hack. We caught up with Joakim to hear a bit more about him, his company and what he will talk about during the event.



Hi Joakim! Warmest welcome as one of our keynote speakers during our Makers of Tomorrow Leadership Hack!

Thank you and thank you for having me. This is something I am really looking forward to!


So who are you and what do you do in Amazon?

I guess you can say I am a cloud and Amazon veteran since I have been with the company since before we had an office in the Nordics. I was the first “feet on the streets” in Sweden when we opened in 2014 and currently I lead one of the Business Segments in the Nordic organization. My job is very easy; help customers with their journey to the cloud!


We all heard about Amazon but what is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a technology platform that provides customers with so called public cloud services. This means they can use the IT they need when and where they need it – and only pay for actual usage. We are providing these services globally and services offered includes everything from basic building blocks like compute, storage and networks to very advanced services for IoT, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


How come AWS choose Sweden as a centre for your Nordics operation?

Well first of all I want to say that this is just the beginning, both globally and from a Nordic perspective. We are dedicated to be “everywhere” and you will see us continue to expand globally and in the region. That said, there are a number of things we look at when we are the deciding where to go next such as access to talent, access to green energy and proximity to internet exchange points.


And finally, what will you talk about during our Makers of Tomorrow day?

During this particular event I will talk about Amazon and the culture, philosophy and mechanisms that has produced some of the most disruptive and successful businesses in the world today – not only Amazon companies, but first and foremost the customers we work with. There are a number of unique things, such as our leadership principles and how we live them on daily basis, which has made Amazon what it is today. I want to talk about how customers, such as Wireless cars, Rovio with their Angry Birds and Assa Abloy are using the outcome of the innovating culture at Amazon to be successful.