Cybercom is launching a new Digital Sustainability offering

2017-12-07, 09:20

Digital Sustainability offering

Interview with Magnus Karlsson, Head of Advisory at Cybercom Group:

Cybercom is launching a new Digital Sustainability offering. What does that involve?

Our offering, "Digital Global Sustainability as a Driver of Business Innovation," is our new Advisory offering. So, we are augmenting our existing advisory services with a new perspective - global sustainability combined with digital solutions, Cybercom's area of particular expertise. In the development process, we worked with external experts in global sustainability, including Dennis Pamlin and organizations like the UNGC.

We are now building up in-house skills through internal training and external recruitment. We are using our existing methods and processes in Advisory to a great extent when we deliver digital sustainability projects, but we have supplemented this with a Cybercom-developed framework called SPRING - an 11-step concrete process for using digital sustainability as a springboard to successful business innovation. You can read more about SPRING here.

Magnus Karlsson, Head of Advisory at Cybercom Group.


Why now?

We are at a global watershed moment in the challenge of creating decent lives for the 11 billion people who will soon be living on our one and only planet. Meanwhile, digitalization is removing cost barriers almost daily, driving technical breakthroughs and enabling entirely new business models related to resource sharing and reuse. So, it's the carrot and the stick at the same time.

We are also seeing how the UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are driving legal requirements and sustainable investment. Investments and fund assets are being increasingly shifted to companies with sustainable business models. Companies that sell what can deliver global sustainability in various ways have the potential to grow rapidly. Our SPRING process helps with exactly what is needed most: Digital Global Sustainability as a Driver of Business Innovation. It could not be more right!


Who are the target groups and what is the business benefit?

The target group is all organizations facing a change of their services and offerings due to digitalization and global sustainability. Historically, successful organizations have managed ONE successful transformation of their businesses per decade, meaning that the average organization can pull it off once every 30 or 40 years. We are now on the brink of a situation in which all organizations are going to have to achieve at least one major transformation in the next ten years.

Focusing solely on digitalization and ignoring the global sustainability perspective will significantly increase the risk that the organization will be offering the wrong things in just a few years. Global sustainability as a driving force is only going to accelerate in all sectors. Most world leaders and companies now agree that we have no choice: we must act.


You have met with quite a few customers to discuss these subjects. Is there demand for this in the market?

The response from everyone we talked to was very enthusiastic! I am convinced that we have only seen the beginning of Digital Global Sustainability as a Driver of Business Innovation. We are ahead of the game in packaging digitalization with sustainability for business innovation in concrete offerings, which has given us the opportunity to work with the leaders in sustainability and digitalization.

I am convinced that we have only seen the beginning of Digital Global Sustainability as a Driver of Business Innovation.


Husqvarna was the first company to take advantage of the new offering and have praised it to the skies. What can you tell us about the project?

It was an incredibly fun and challenging project that took six months, with final delivery in Q2 2017. Husqvarna is an exciting customer. They have come a long way on their own with sustainability, have a digitalization strategy and their biggest line of business (horticultural and forest machinery) is "green" by definition. Nonetheless, we were able to add perspective aimed at increasing sales and expanding into new markets by using the digital sustainability perspective as a driver of business innovation.

We are also seeing that the offering works at least as well with customers who have not made quite as much progress in the digitalization and sustainability effort. That gives me confidence as we move forward to expand the offering to other customers in 2018-19.


What is your dream project?

To be involved from the outset with our Digital Sustainability Advisory and create a new offering that our customer takes to its customers. Our customer also selects Cybercom as their supplier of both implementation and operation, while we are given the opportunity to measure the net positive effect created by the new offering. I'm thinking about Husqvarna and how they are generating higher revenues as urban green spaces becoming essential to delivering sustainability, through traditional income as well as new income related to everything from sustainable transport and the improved human health that green spaces can contribute to by encouraging people to get out and move. Or how companies like Ikea deliver their existing products combined with new offerings to make it easier for people to live sustainable, healthy lives.

The prospect of playing a part in developing the next generation of companies and organizations is an exciting challenge. There is a lot of buzz about the opportunities, but our focus is on being involved throughout the entire process, from identification of the new opportunities to implementation of concrete solutions.

It is possible - right now - to create digital systems that can measure how many people have started bicycling, how many vegetarian meals are being served, or people's fitness activity, as a clear consequence of our customers' new services. Looking back from 2020 on a large group of companies and organizations that Cybercom has helped to combine rapid growth and higher profits by delivering what the global community really needs is my dream project!


Digital Sustainability

Our Digital Sustainability approach is a driver for business innovation aiming to find your competitive advantage in relation to the global sustainability goals and/or new customer offerings as well as business opportunities.