Cybercom facilitated the innovation process for the Global Impact Jam in Linköping

2018-11-15, 11:16

Global Impact Jam is a co-creation event of Mjärdevi Science Park, aimed at bringing together 20 talents with widely divers’ skills to resolve challenges related to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The co-creation event was held in November during Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  Owner of the challenges was Nira Dynamics, who had identified three challenges related to gender equality and diversity i.e. how to attract female talents, how to elevate the recruitment process from being local to global and how to get a fully functional business with a decentralized/distributed development.

Cybercom was a sponsor of the event and Katarina Marmolin with colleague Johan Billman from Cybercom local Linköping office (part of science park) were facilitating and developing the innovation process during the weekend. The process included six phases (Understanding-Ideation-Selection-Conceptualisation-Prototyping-Pitch Development) and was inspired by the Design Sprint methodology.

Johan Billman is Innovation Leader in Linköping and he normally works as a project manager on an assignment for Ericsson. He is an experienced innovation leader and has led many hackathons from concept to technical prototype. Being able to act as an innovation leader on the theme of sustainability was a perfect match for Cybercom, which has profiled itself in sustainability and innovation.

“It’s great that we can increase the scope of hackathons for broader challenges and use our innovation talent skills”, says Johan.  

Katarina Marmolin is Head of Advisory in Linköping and has extensive experience of leading business development projects in her role as management consultant.

“It’s great that we can use our process and project management skills to create an environment for generating new solutions to sustainability business challenges”, says Katarina.

Nira Dynamics commissioned the event, and it will own exclusive rights to the outcome for a three-month period, but the idea is that all companies in Mjärdevi Science Park will then get to share the solutions and ideas.

Photographer: Pernilla Andersson, Pfotografen