Cybercom AWS Business Group is growing – new leaders appointed

2018-11-08, 10:47

Cybercom AWS Business Group (CABG) has a unique strategic collaboration with AWS in the Nordics. Cybercom wants to guarantee to its customers smooth, fast and successful transition to the cloud with the all best practices. To strengthen our leadership and collaboration with AWS and our clients, Cybercom has appointed Kimmo Sinkko, Rolf Koski and Aatu Luotonen to new CABG leadership positions.


Kimmo Sinkko, Head of CABG Finland

Kimmo SinkkoWe are pleased to announce that Kimmo Sinkko has been appointed as Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group in Finland. Sinkko is responsible for AWS business success and growth in Finland. Together with his team, he will help our Finnish and Nordic clients to boost their digital transformation and to achieve maximum benefits from AWS Cloud Services.

Kimmo Sinkko:

I’m really excited to start in this new role. We expect our AWS business to grow significantly in the near future. Cloud Services are playing important role to enable client’s digital transformation and cloud adaption.  Amazon’s new services for broadcast media and OTT providers open great opportunities to transform and enhance the existing media processes. The coming new AWS Stockholm Region with low latency near the Nordic media clients is a very exciting opportunity”.

Sinkko has previously worked at Telia Company and Bonnier Broadcast/MTV in various product development and ICT management roles.


Rolf Koski, CTO

Rolf Koski

Rolf “Rolle” Koski has been appointed as the CTO of CABG. Koski has several years of experience working with AWS Cloud Services, both in architecture and technical side, as well as cloud strategy and governance work with Cybercom’s key clients. He also holds the honorary title of an AWS Partner Ambassador. In CABG he takes the leadership of the competence and offering development and also facilitates the CABG’s spearhead Cloud Advisor team.

Rolf Koski:

I’m looking forward to continue the successful cloud journeys with our clients. With this named CABG team, Cybercom will continue its journey for being the leading AWS partner in the Nordics, and I’m proud to part of the always evolving story of modernizing our customers’ approach to utilizing cloud services for their IT needs”.


Aatu Luotonen, Business Controller


Aatu Luotonen

Aatu Luotonen has been appointed as Business Controller. Luotonen has a strong experience on financial responsibilities and supporting sales and business, especially in relation to cloud services.

Aatu Luotonen:

Our strategic collaboration with AWS means great opportunities for our clients. It's important to get the right kind of support whenever and wherever it's needed, and I feel we have the perfect tools to help our clients on their cloud journey.




Boost your Cloud Adaption with leading AWS solution provider in the Nordics

Together with dedicated AWS professionals and Cybercom’s over 85 certified AWS professionals, we have powerful team to design, build, migrate and operate many workloads on AWS.

This is great news – I warmly welcome Kimmo, Rolle and Aatu to CABG! We are constantly building our skilled team to boost our clients’ business and strengthen our leading cloud solution provider position in the Nordics. The upcoming launch of new AWS Region in Sweden will only make this journey even more exciting", says Tony Hendrell, Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group.


For more information contact

Kimmo Sinkko, Head of CABG Finland, +358 46 921 3381

Tony Hendrell, Head of CABG, Cybercom Group, +358 40 5549692

Päivi Mönkkönen, Head of Marketing and Communications, Cybercom Finland +358 50 363 2746