Cybercom continue to invest in cloud

2018-09-26, 16:29

We are proud to announce that our second round of the Cloud Academy now is on the road. It has been proved a successful concept where truly ambitious people can get hands-on experience and reach their full potential in Cloud Technology, focusing on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. We have spoken to three participants who are currently studying in pursuance of receiving their Cloud IT certificate. Read their stories and reflections below.

“I had no prior work experience working with Cloud before attending Cloud Academy. The reason why I chose this educational path is because I want to improve my skills within this industry for my own career development. Sure, it is challenging but that is what keeps me moving forward.”

“I am curious about Cloud Technologies. Cloud is the future of industrial software and it is where everything is being migrated to. The knowledge gained through this experience is going to help me in my future career. If you want to move to another position regarding Cloud, this certification is an essential element of your resume.”

Cloud will have a big impact as it is the future. It is cost-effective and has environmental benefits. Receiving this certificate will mean that I am capable of working with Cloud solutions and able to give more to the company and potential clients. We need more people who are certified. I like Cloud Academy a lot for giving me this knowledge.


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