Success for fitness motivation app – now being more widely tested by municipality

2018-05-21, 14:14

Over 80 percent of participants reported an increase in physical activity during a pilot project involving elderly care employees in Karlskrona municipality. Behind this impressive number is an activity app that allows employees to track their health and fitness goals. The municipality will now test the product more widely in its elderly care services. 

Care employees in Karlskrona have tried out the Moverex app, developed by IT consulting company Cybercom, as part of a pilot project aimed at improving their health. Participants also received an initial consultation with a health coach to set individual goals and learn more about the various factors that affect their health.
“We know from the outside that motivation to get physically active is often what is needed to improve our health, so we wanted to give our employees a good overview of their physical activity and clear evidence that training and exercise make a difference. It’s particularly pleasing to see that the app works so well,” says Eva Strömsten, HR Manager at Karlskrona Municipality.
The pilot project, which ran in 2017, included 23 employees working with elderly care in Karlskrona Municipality. Nineteen of the participants (83 percent) achieved their goals. The same number said that Moverex improved their motivation to exercise and be physically active. 

“When we designed the app we started with the users and the easiest way for them to see that their physical activity makes a difference. The outcomes show that this was the right approach,” says Johan Persbeck, the Business Area Manager at Cybercom who developed the app.
Financial calculations following the end of the pilot project suggest that the entire product, including the app, the activity bracelet and coaching cost the municipality around SEK 430 per employee each month. Setting this against the cost of an average day lost to sick leave (around SEK 3,000) means that an investment of SEK 430 is recouped if sick leave is reduced by an average of 0.15 days per employee each month. 
For further information, please contact:
Ewa Strömsten, HR Manger Karlskrona Municipality +46 455 30 50 70 
Johan Persbeck, Business Area Manager Cybercom +46 703 79 10 06 
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