interim report January – June 2007

2007-08-24, 08:00

Sales +72% to SEK 460.5 million (268.4)

EBIT +100% to SEK 43.7 million (21.8)

Profit +65% to SEK 24.2 million (14.7)

Profit per share SEK 1.96 (1.19)

9.5% operating margin, EBIT (8.1%)

10.6% operating margin from operating activities, EBIT (8.1%)

April – June 2007

Sales +118% to SEK 297.4 million (136.7)

EBIT +101% to SEK 22.9 million (11.4)

Profit +45% to SEK 10.9 million (7.5)

Profit per share SEK 0.89 (0.61)

7.7% operating margin, EBIT (8.3%)

9.4% operating margin from operating activities, EBIT (8.3%)

Synergy effects from the auSystems acquisition are expected to positively affect the bottom line starting in Q3

Intensive integration, further growth, and widened margin

The auSystems acquisition is a success. It made Cybercom an attractive size, thus enabling the company to compete for very large projects. The market continues to grow. Demand is high in all segments, and customers request more and more IT solutions and services. Right now, Cybercom does business with leading companies on most of its markets.

We work assertively – as demonstrated by the two acquisitions in H1 2007. After initial integration (proceeding as planned), we can now shift focus to more hard-hitting measures that will enhance Cybercom’s position and lead to new market shares. In a short time, Cybercom doubled in size. The auSystems and Varchar acquisitions strengthened Cybercom’s offering and broadened its customer base. Sales initiatives and administration are now co-ordinated, and during H2, the companies in Stockholm, Malmö, and Linköping will be merged in each of these cities.

Growth for the period reached 72%; the new acquisitions accounted for 54% and organic growth, for 18%. The operating margin from operating activities widened to 10.6% for H1.

Since I became Cybercom’s president and CEO in early May, I’ve met many skilled employees in our companies. I see enormous potential in the new Cybercom. I’m convinced that it has a strong customer proposition and can become a leading provider of telecom, internet, and media services.

Patrik Boman
Cybercom’s president and CEO

For more information, please contact:

Patrik Boman President and CEO of the Cybercom Group + 46 73 983 89 79
Per Jonsson CFO + 46 70 770 46 22
Patrik Anshelm Acting IR-manager + 46 70 971 12 84

Cybercom is a high-tech consultancy that offers global sourcing for end-to-end solutions. The Group is a world-class supplier in these segments: portals, mobile solutions, embedded systems, e-commerce, and business support systems Thanks to its extensive industry and operations experience, Cybercom can offer strategic and technological expertise to these markets: telecom, Internet, and media (TIM); banking and financial services; automotive; national defence; and the public sector. The Group has 1,289 employees, projects worldwide, and offices in Denmark, India, Poland, Singapore, the UK, and Sweden. Cybercom has been quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange since 1999. Find out more at

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