Entertaining Gaming Cage opens to the public ahead of DreamHack

2017-06-12, 11:35
In the days leading up to DreamHack – the world’s biggest digital festival – a gaming cage will be placed on a square in Jönköping, Hovrättstorget, to be filled with gamers, interesting guests and personalities who will play, discuss and talk gaming and e-sports around the clock. Come join the fun, 15–17 June!

“We are inviting everyone to come and experience gaming, fascinating talks and guests,” says Kim Vindemarker of Cybercom, project manager for the Gaming Cage. “The people we have asked to join us include world-famous gamers, members of parliament, game development companies and an e-sports team recently contracted by J-Södra, a team in the Allsvenskan football league.”

Kim and her colleagues at Cybercom came up with the idea of a public gaming cage to generate interest in the social development and technical progress that the DreamHack digital festival promotes. In partnership with Destination Jönköping and DreamHack, a gaming cage will now be set up for the first time on Hovrättstorget in the city centre.

“Our future depends on young people choosing technical education. We already have a skills shortage in IT and we know that by 2020 we are going to need more than 60,000 IT professionals in Sweden alone. Cybercom is working constantly to spark young people’s interest in technology, including through partnerships with Hello World! and Universeum. The Gaming Cage is yet another initiative to put the spotlight on programming and IT. We also want to make a concrete contribution to Jönköping’s development and to the city and DreamHack helping each other to succeed,” says Patrik Lägermo, manager of Cybercom’s operations in Jönköping.

The Gaming Cage will be officially opened on 15 June at 18:00 by Patrik Lägermo of Cybercom, Patrik Olderius of Destination Jönköping and Tomas Lyckedal of DreamHack. Everything will be streamed live on Twitch around the clock and transmitted to big screens and speakers outside. 

The programme offers world-class gamers, as well as well-known guests whose interest in gaming might come as a surprise. Local personalities will be invited in for interviews and demonstrations, along with entertaining elements like a local celebrity battle in VR gaming. More info is available online at www.gamingburen.se 

“We are heating up Jönköping ahead of DreamHack, which starts Saturday, 17 June at 16:00,” says Kim, who usually works with technology for self-driving cars. She will be in the Gaming Cage 15-17 June along with colleagues from Cybercom. 

“We want to see Jönköping grow and are convinced that DreamHack is going to bring many talented prospective employees of companies in the region,” says Kim Vindemarker. 

DreamHack has been arranging digital festivals at Elmia in Jönköping since 2001 and is now the biggest digital festival on the planet, attracting visitors from all over the world. The development of the festival has been extraordinary, with several attendance records, streaming records and constant evolution of festival activities. Read more online at https://dreamhack.com/ 

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