Cybercom’s app assists with healthcare research

2018-03-23, 01:00

2017-09-14, 10:00

Researchers at Blekinge County Council and Blekinge Institute of Technology commissioned Cybercom to develop the CyberPoll app, a secure survey tool that can be used for applications such as healthcare studies. 

CyberPoll is intended to document ongoing studies or surveys to immediately provide accurate results. The design of the system is entirely generic so the nature and timing of the questions is chosen by those responsible for the study. In turn, the user chooses the time of day he or she wishes to respond to the questions and receives a notification at the right time.

The benefit of this service to healthcare is that, compared to a traditional survey, it significantly reduces the delay between a patient experiencing a feeling and then responding to the survey questions. This reduces the risk of systematic errors and produces a more reliable result.

“Digitalisation creates opportunities that were previously not possible, such as in this example being able to conduct real-time surveys directly within the user’s normal routine. We hope that this will provide even better data in areas such as research studies in the future,” says Johan Persbeck, Head of Cybercom Karlskrona. 

Johan Persbeck, Head of Cybercom Karlskrona.

The mobile service will be tested in an initial study this autumn. CyberPoll’s real-time surveys provide the potential for rapid feedback and can be used in a number of areas to efficiently generate evaluation data. 

For further information, please contact Cybercom:

Johan Persbeck, Head of Cybercom Karlskrona 
+46 703 791 006

Kristina Cato, Sustainability Accelerator and Head of Communications 
+46 708 644 702 

About Cybercom 
Cybercom is an innovative IT consulting firm that enables leading companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world. Our consultants and the solutions they create take us all the way from e-services in the Nordic public sector to mobility in the Caribbean islands, streaming media and autonomous cars in Europe, national e-IDs, secure card payments, as well as health apps for the care sector, connected cranes and elevators and intelligent industrial robots. Cybercom was founded in 1995. Today, the company’s areas of expertise span the entire ecosystem of communication services and IT security. We are a highly diverse company, with a large age range and 45 nationalities. We are creating the world of tomorrow in unison, we are creative, fearless and inquisitive – always ready to challenge the status quo. We turn our words into action and empower change. We are the #Makers of tomorrow. Cybercom has been a privately owned company since 2015. Its main shareholders are JCE Group AB and Tequity AB. Cybercom’s domestic markets are the Nordic region and Poland, and in addition the company offers global delivery capacity for local and international business. 


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