Cybercom launches The GDPR Check

2017-06-14, 11:00
Cybercom is following up The Procurement Check with its new compliance tool, The GDPR Check – a free-to-use service to help organisations meet the requirements of the new data protection regulation.

The EU’s new data protection regulation aims at strengthening privacy protection when handling the personal data of EU citizens, and involves a transformation for organisations of all sizes. In order to help organisations in their efforts with this, Cybercom has developed The GDPR Check, a free-to-use tool that support efforts to catalogue and analyse regulatory compliance. The tool establishes anonymised collaboration between users, where they can compare their own key indicators with other users.

Cybercom has previously developed The Procurement Check to help organisations ensure that critical security aspects are included in their IT procurements. This tool was widely praised and was also named IT Security Solution 2015. The GDPR Check is Cybercom’s follow-up of this free-to-use tool and will offer anonymised statistics to provide a pointer of how users compare to other users and other industries. During the year, interested companies will also be invited into a community where they will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other’s GDPR work.

“We hope that our new tool will be received in the same positive way as The Procurement Check. At the moment, GDPR is something of a mystery to many, and they do not know how much to invest. Many projects are therefore questioned internally and it is difficult gain support. With The GDPR Check we want to offer simpler cataloguing of compliance, plus benchmarking against other users with similar challenges. We hope that users of The GDPR Check will be really well placed far in advance of May 25 next year,” says Bengt Berg, Head of Compliance Management Services at Cybercom.

“There are many interpretations of the new data protection regulation, and it can be difficult navigate. This is why it feels obvious for us to offer The GDPR Check as a free-to-use tool to help organisations to get started and also allow them to help each other and share their experiences,” says Göran Dahlberg, Head of Secure at Cybercom.

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For further information, please contact Cybercom:

Bengt Berg, Head of Compliance Management Services
+46 708 25 00 29

Göran Dahlberg, Head of Secure
+46 702 68 07 75

Kristina Cato, Sustainability Accelerator and Head of Communications
+46 708 64 47 02

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