Swedish Environmental Protection Agency selects Cybercom for new IT system

2011-10-11, 08:30
Cybercom has been commissioned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a new solution for an IT system that supports inventory of, damages caused by, and hunting of predators in Sweden. There will initially be a development phase involving Cybercom’s expertise in security, web development, and geographic information systems (GIS).

“We chose Cybercom because they could give us the best technical solution with the best quality assurance, and because Cybercom can offer broad strategic expertise in security solutions and mapping,” says Britt Grevér Eriksson, IT strategy manager at the EPA.

Initially, Cybercom’s employees will develop a solution proposal for a new IT system for predator management for 500 users in 26 agencies throughout Sweden. County administrative boards, central agencies, the Wildlife Damages Centre, Swedish Sami villages, hunting and conservation organisations, predator researchers, laboratories, and others will all be able to use the new system effectively.

If the EPA determines that Cybercom’s proposed solution is satisfactory, Cybercom will also deliver the IT system. There is also an option to manage the resulting predator management system.

“This project has great potential for us,” says Odd Bolin, managing director of Cybercom Sweden. “First, it requires expertise from several of our specialities, like security and web development, and in the long run, probably even mobile services. It also requires the agile practices that we advocate with the opportunity for a clearly larger assignment with the EPA later on.”

For the remainder of this year and throughout 2012, a development team of up to eight persons will work on developing a solution. There is an option for increasing the scope of the project. To develop the best possible mapping system, Cybercom will work with Esri Sverige, a leading provider of geographic information systems with access to cutting-edge software and a global network of GIS expertise.

For more information, contact:

Odd Bolin, managing director, Cybercom Sweden +46 70 428 31 73

Britten Wennman, manager, Strategy & Security, Cybercom Sweden +46 70 663 14 93

Daniel Kullgard, Office manager, Cybercom Östersund +46 70 619 36 26

Anna Trane, PR & brand manager, Cybercom Group +46 708 84 74 69

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