Skandiabanken tops ratings for online banking

2010-05-26, 10:30
Skandiabanken ranks first and Swedbank last. At Cybercom's behest, Keynote Systems, a leading US research company, investigated how Swedes experience banks on the internet. For the overall Nordic region, Skandiabanken tops the list while Jyske Bank in Denmark ranks last.

Internet today is the most common method in the Nordic countries for customers to handle banking services. In its role as a leading supplier of internet services, Cybercom asked Keynote Systems, a US research firm, to rank Nordic banks. Keynote Systems has researched American and British opinions and experiences for years of leading US and British banks on the internet.
In April and May, 2,100 Nordic test subjects attempted to open bank accounts and take out loans in various Nordic banks. For the entire Nordic region, Skandiabanken tops the overall rating, while Jyske Bank in Denmark received the lowest user score. In Sweden, Skandiabanken held the top standing, followed by Handelsbanken, Danske Bank, SEB, Nordea, and Swedbank in last position. There are big differences between the top-rated and bottom-rated banks in each country. 
“Crucial for whether users rate each bank as good or bad online is how easily they can get help when they need it. Site design and layout as well as the bank’s offerings also were important ingredients," says Magnus Lagerqvist, the business developer who is responsible for the study at Cybercom.
Subjects answered questions on how they perceived the bank before and after they spent half an hour trying to carry out banking services online. Statistical and qualitative analyses were performed on the results. Overall customer experience, attitude toward the brand, the likelihood that the subject would become a customer, and customer satisfaction were evaluated.
“These study results carry major weight with the banks. The trend today is that the brand and the ability to recruit new customers is closely tied to how the company is perceived online," says Mats Frisk, business area manager at Cybercom Internet Services.

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