Notification of Cybercom Group Europe AB extraordinary general meeting (EGM)

2007-04-04, 08:00
With this notice, shareholders of Cybercom Group Europe AB (publ) – hereafter the company – are called to an EGM on Wednesday, 18 April at 11 AM in the company’s facilities at Fleminggatan 20 in Stockholm.

Attendance notification.
Shareholders who wish to participate in the EGM must:
• Be registered in the VPC AB share database by Friday, 13 April 2007.
• Have sent notification to the company at this address by 13 April 2007 at 12 NOON: Cybercom Group Europe AB (publ), Box 7574, SE 103 93 Stockholm, Sweden, or
• Phone the company by 13 April 2007 before 12 NOON: +46 8 578 646 00.

When submitting notification of attendance, specify all names, Swedish civil registration numbers (or corporate IDs), addresses, and phone numbers of all attendees. Representatives’ or proxies’ authorisation/power of attorney must be sent in writing with your notification. Those who represent legal entities must present proof of registration (or comparable authorisation evidence), which indicates the name of the person who is authorised to sign for the company or organisation. If shareholders wish to send one or two representatives to the EGM, then these participants must be registered with Cybercom as specified above.

Shareholders whose shares are registered in nominees’ names (through banks’ notaries or other administrators) must temporarily register the shares in their own names (with VPC AB) – if they want to exercise their voting rights at the EGM – before Friday, 13 April 2007; nominees should be informed well before this date.

The board proposes this EGM agenda:
1. Opening of meeting.
2. Electing a meeting chairperson.
3. Drawing up and approving the voting list.
4. Approving the agenda.
5. Electing one or two persons to check the minutes.
6. Confirming that the EGM was duly convened.
7. Resolving to approve Cybercom’s acquisition from the auSystems Group.
8. Closing the meeting.

Item 7
The board proposes that the company approves Cybercom’s initial 1 April 2007 share transfer contract regarding acquisition of all shares in these companies from auSystems AB (publ): auSystems Sweden East AB, auSystems Sweden South, auSystems West AB, auSystems North AB, auSystems Denmark A/S, and auSystems Sp. z o.o. For shares in these companies, Cybercom will pay SEK 730,000,000 on 20 April 2007. The board believes that acquisition of these companies will lead to many synergy effects that Cybercom can use and that this will considerably increase Cybercom’s market share.

The board
Stockholm, April 2007
Cybercom Group Europe AB (publ)

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