Interim report January - September 2008

2008-10-21, 07:30

Sales +78% to SEK 1,296.9 million (730.5)

EBIT +83% to SEK 115.2 million (63.1)

Profit +88% to SEK 69.1 million (36.7)

Profit per share SEK 2.91 (2.90)

8.9% operating margin EBIT (8.6%)

11.0% operating margin EBITDA (9.8%)

UK operations is presented as discontinued operation

July - September

Sales +31% to SEK 388.7 million (296.4)

EBIT +33% to SEK 33.0 million (24.8)

Profit +40% to SEK 18.3 million (13.1)

Profit per share SEK 0.72 (0.99)

8.5% operating margin EBIT (8.4%)

10.6% operating margin EBITDA (9.7%)

Greater focus on profitability and on growth in Asia

“Times are challenging and there is considerable financial unease, but they are also very exciting. Cybercom is entering a new business phase with our current serious focus on growth in Asia. We are satisfied that we established Cybercom’s international expansion strategy early on. We follow our customers around the world and have a global presence that boosts our delivery capacity. Our Nordic operation forms a strong platform. We see favourable opportunities in the east, in terms of the local market and to strengthen deliveries. Our presence in India and China makes us suitably positioned for existing and new customers, who we know will invest heavily in these areas in the near future. We have won three important new outsourcing assignments for our operations in China, India, and Romania, which reiterates Cybercom’s strategy.

We greatly respect that our customers are introducing savings packages. Although these have no direct impact on our order flow at present, we want to ensure that we are appropriately equipped to face a tougher market, and we are therefore implementing various measures. We are coordinating administration and sales organisation in several Swedish units, streamlining our operation, and cutting the recruitment pace in the Nordics. The sale of the UK business was also a very good deal.

The prevailing market situation opens many doors for Cybercom’s global sourcing proposition. Cybercom combines local presence with global delivery capacity, keeping business-critical operations close to the customer, while relocating parts of production to low-cost countries. Many of our customers are market leaders and are now concentrating their investments on service development to cement their competitive strength. Such investments benefit Cybercom.

Cybercom is aptly positioned and we will continue to build the company in the long term in line with our strategy for growth, primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe. We look to the future with confidence.”

Stockholm, 21 October 2008

Patrik Boman
President and CEO

For more information, please contact:
Patrik Boman, president and CEO +46 73 983 89 79
Per Jonsson, CFO +46 70 770 46 22
Kristina Cato, IR and communications director +46 70 864 47 02

About Cybercom
The Cybercom Group is a high-tech consultancy that offers global sourcing for end-to-end solutions. The Group established itself as a world-class supplier in security, portal solutions, mobile services, and embedded systems. Thanks to its extensive industry and operations experience, Cybercom can offer strategic and technological expertise to these markets: telecom, industry, media, public sector, retail and banking and financial services. The Group employs about 2000 persons and runs projects worldwide. Cybercom has 26 offices in 10 countries. Since 1999, Cybercom´s share has been quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange. The company was launched in 1995. Find out more at:

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