Interim Report January – June 2014

2014-07-15, 07:30

April – June 2014

· Sales amounted to SEK 312.3 million (313.3) 
· EBIT was SEK 14.0 million (13.8) 
· EBIT margin was 4.5% (4.4) 
· Net profit after tax for the period was SEK 9.6 million (9.3) 
· Earnings per share were SEK 0.05 (0.05)

January – June 2014

· Sales amounted to SEK 621.4 million (632.5) 
· EBIT was SEK 29.8 million (29.5) 
· EBIT margin was 4.8% (4.7) 
· Net profit after tax for the period was SEK 21.1 million (20.4)
· Earnings per share were SEK 0.12 (0.11)

Key events

· Finnish National Board of Education awarded Cybercom renewed business for development work in the second half 
· Ericsson awarded Cybercom extended business in several agile teams on location in Kista 
· FMV signed 4-year contract with Cybercom worth approximately SEK 60 million 
· Doro appointed Cybercom as its service partner for development and testing 
· Svenska Spel bought Cybercom's Compliance Portal for information security 
· New management appointed at Cybercom Sweden NorthEast 
· UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Cybercom to discuss migration issues with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Migration Minister Tobias Billström 
· Cybercom's headquarters and Stockholm operations moved to new activity-based premises with a central address at Sveavägen 20

Comments from the CEO
Our position in Connectivity remains convincing, and we are creating more profound relationships with key clients as well as new business and new client relationships. We are growing our business in the public sector - the Swedish National Police Board and Jönköping County Council are good examples in the quarter. We are increasing the number of agile teams that work closely with Ericsson in Kista. Verisure and Doro are giving us extended business for both testing and development. We are also increasing our work with Kongsberg. We are growing with Cable and Wireless Communication in the Caribbean, and with TomTom in Poland.

In the second quarter of the year our EBIT amounted to SEK 14.0 million (13.8), resulting in an improved margin of 4.5% (4.4). Our sales was SEK 312.3 million (313.3). This is a decrease of 0.3% compared to the same period last year, but we continue to get closer to positive growth. June was the strongest month this year for our Polish and Finnish operations in terms of earnings. Net financial items are progressing well, and we have increased net profit after tax for the period to SEK 9.6 million (9.3). Our cash flow is stable, as is our equity/assets ratio. We have recruited 165 talented new employees during the first six months and the number of employees at June 30 was 1,272 (1,244). 

This quarter, however, was particularly challenging in terms of the number of working days. In addition, project losses in our Danish operations and continued low capacity utilisation within some teams in the Stockholm operations had a negative impact in the quarter and affected our rate of improvement. In the Stockholm operations, we have implemented a number of measures and appointed new management team.

Looking at the market in the Nordic countries, I note that the underlying situation for Connectivity is good and growing. This was underlined during this year's Almedalen Week, for example, where eHealth and the digitisation of healthcare and society characterised much of the debate. We are currently seeing fierce competition in the market, but in a few years there will be a shortage of IT specialists and engineers. The market will be good and the competition will be about expertise. It is important to build for the future and, above all, to capture the interest of the upcoming generation and to create an attractive labour market for international expertise. These were issues that I discussed with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon when he chose to visit Cybercom in May. Diversity and sustainable development are high on our agenda.

In the short term, the turmoil at the macroeconomic level continued to impact our market and, above all, we are seeing long decision times for investment in the industrial segment. The Finnish market has been clearly marked by this. Our operations in Finland have nevertheless delivered both growth and profit gains in the quarter, thanks to excellent delivery and good client development in the public sector. We have now won extended business from the Finnish National Board of Education for the second half of the year. 

Although our rate of change has been somewhat slower than anticipated in the first half of the year, we see good opportunities to re-accelerate in the second half. We have respect for the prevailing challenges and economic conditions. At the same time, we note that we continue to improve the foundations of our business. Step by step we are achieving sustainable changes to reach our long-term financial targets and to create increased value for our shareholders.

Stockholm, July 15, 2014

Niklas Flyborg
President and CEO

For additional information, please contact: 
Niklas Flyborg, President and CEO +46 70 594 96 78
Camilla Öberg, CFO +46 73 398 50 01
Kristina Cato, Head of Communications and IR +46 70 864 47 02

About Cybercom 
Cybercom is an IT consulting company that assists leading companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world. The company’s areas of expertise span the entire ecosystem of communications services. Cybercom’s domestic market is the Nordic region, and in addition the company offers global delivery capacity for local and international business. Cybercom was founded in 1995 and has been quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange since 1999. 

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