Cybercom’s new executive management in place

2007-05-25, 09:42
Patrik Boman starts as president and CEO of Cybercom, and Peter Keller-Andreasen assumes Group vice president and COO positions.

In 2006, Cybercom recruited Patrik Boman, who has now emerged from six-month quarantine after resigning as managing director of HiQ’s Stockholm operation from 2000–2006.

”It’s incredibly stimulating to finally be onboard,” says Patrik Boman, president and CEO of the Cybercom Group. “I now face greater, more exciting challenges than I did six months ago. The company was further strengthened via acquisition of the auSystems operations, which provide totally new opportunities going forward. For many years, I closely followed sector competition, including Cybercom and the acquired auSystems, which I greatly respect. Together, they lift the Group to a higher level, and we’re in a great situation for taking the leading position that we’ve targeted.”

Peter Keller-Andreasen was appointed Group vice president and COO; since December 2006, he was acting Group president and CEO.

“During the past year, we achieved a unique position via our international presence and global sourcing proposition,” says Keller-Andreasen. “We achieved the necessary critical mass for new types of contracts. Customer dialogues are different today. And business opportunities are even more attractive. We have an exciting journey ahead of us.”

In early May, Cybercom’s AGM participants elected Wigon Thuresson as the new board chairman. Earlier, he sat on the Sweco board; he was also Group president and CEO during a robust growth period. Recently, he bought 65,000 Cybercom shares.

”Cybercom is now entering a new growth phase with an effective executive team in place,” says Thuresson. “We have an excellent platform for continued growth – organically and via acquisitions – to extend our customer propositions over several market segments and geographic areas. Onshore, nearshore, and offshore capabilities give us a competitive edge. The path is paved for a smooth, profitable ride into the future.”

Questions? Please get in touch with:
Patrik Boman, president and CEO +46 739 838 979
Peter Keller-Andreasen, vice president and COO + 45 294 83 800
Wigon Thuresson, Cybercom’s board chairman + 46 734 12 66 02
Kristina Svensson, Cybercom’s communications manager + 46 708 644 702

The Cybercom Group is a high-tech consulting company that offers business-critical IT solutions and guidance within telecom and selected technologies. Thanks to its extensive industry and operations experience, the company can offer technology expertise within portals and mobile solutions, e-commerce and billing, embedded systems plus telecom management consulting and networks. With its newly acquired operations in auSystems, the Group is a leader within telecom, Internet, and media (TIM). The Group employs about 1200 persons and runs projects worldwide. Cybercom has offices in Denmark, India, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. Since 1999, Cybercom’s share has been quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange. Find out more at:

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